As spring is in the air, it is time to go out and enjoy flowers. Here is a list of places where Hangzhou residents can bask in the brilliance of flowers.

Peach blossoms, peonies and azaleas bloom in April

Feb 14, 2017
1. Peach blossoms in Banshan Village Banshan Village in Xindeng Town, Fuyang District, holds the Banshan Peach Blossom Festival every year. The village boasts nearly ...

More flowers in March

Feb 14, 2017
1. Taiziwan Park More flowers come into bloom in March and Taiziwan Park will look splendid with flowering Magnolia and prunus serrulata in early March, followed by ...

Plum blossoms in February

Feb 14, 2017
February is the prime time to enjoy plum blossoms in Hangzhou. 1. Lingfeng Hill plum blossom tour Hangzhou Botanical Garden in Lingfeng Hill is a popular spot for plum ...