Lives and landscapes of an ever-changing city

May 18 | Source: Shanghai Daily

"Liuhe Pagoda" by Wu Jianping
"Foreigners and Lotus" by A Le Tou
"Qianjiang New Town" by Da Tou Bao Ba
"Poetic View" by Xihu Diaoshen
"Birds at West Lake" by A Le Tou
"Human and Nature" by hzhza

THE 10th Hangzhou Citizen Photography Festival started yesterday, bringing together professional and amateur photographers from around the world to share 3,000 pictures with the public through May 21.

The exhibition is at Bai Causeway at West Lake, with photos from the past decade, showing how the city changes.

Another exhibition space is located at the Solitary Islet and split into three parts.

The first is themed on “time machine,” which displays around 100 old pictures taken since the beginning of the 20th century.

These pictures bring people back to old times when Hangzhou was an impoverished watertown.

The second section mainly exhibits photos of modern-day Hangzhou. Local shutterbugs take on the city’s rapid development and picturesque scenery along with foreign photographers.

A series of photos themed on G20 Summit and Instagram display Hangzhou’s glory days and how expats and foreign travelers shared the city on social platform last year.

Organizers also carved out exhibition space on the islet to exhibit more than 200 photos from 27 prestigious photographers.

Big names include Eugène Atget, Elliott Erwitt, Walker Evans and Marc Riboud.

The third part of the exhibition space displays works from 20 photographers who used cameras to present elderly people’s vibrant lifestyles. This also contains photos about birds.

In addition to West Lake, organizers also set exhibition space in the Citizen Center and City Balcony to display local shutterbugs’ photos, which get closer to ordinary people’s lives in the city.

Since its debut in 2008, the festival has collected more than 100,000 photos, of which 13,000 have been displayed.

Hangzhou’s beautiful scenery has led many local residents to pick up photography. Some of these amateur shutterbugs have shown great skill and have a keen eye for detail.

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