New funeral technology

Mar 17 | Source: Shanghai Daily

HANGZHOU people now have a new option to preserve the ashes of their loved ones after cremation: turning them into jewelry, the city’s civil af­fairs officials said.

A local funeral home has imported the US technology to crystallize bone ashes under high heat. The crystal­line material can then be cut into rings, bracelets and pendants.

Shanghai is the first city in China to introduce the funeral jewelry ser­vice and nearly 200 families have requested it since last March. It costs 14,320 yuan (US$2,072) in Hangzhou and the ashes can be compressed to 10 percent of their original size.

The new service is expected to reduce demand for burial sites, and curb the rising cost of graves. The service is now available at Hangzhou Funeral Parlor in Xihu District.

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