Peach blossoms, peonies and azaleas bloom in April

Feb 14

1. Peach blossoms in Banshan Village
Banshan Village in Xindeng Town, Fuyang District, holds the Banshan Peach Blossom Festival every year. The village boasts nearly 270 hectares of peach trees which intoxicate visitors with a sea of peach blossoms. Tourists can also taste delicacies prepared by local families.
How to get there: Drive on G320 and S23 highways, past Nanjing Bridge in Xindeng Town, then turn right at Nansi Village and drive straight ahead.

2. Peonies in Liuhe Pagoda Park
Liuhe Pagoda Park on the bank of Qiantang River holds peony shows in April and May. A rich variety of peony flowers and the gorgeous wisteria bloom are a feast for the eye.
How to get there: Take Bus 287/318/4/334

3. Azaleas on Yuntai Mountain
Yuntai Mountain in Dongqiao Town, Fuyang District is known for the scenery of azaleas flowers that paint the mountain side red in April. Visitors must not miss a stone house built at the foot of the mountain in Dawu Village. It was the masterpiece of ancient masons.
How to get there: Drive on G320, S23 or Xugao highways to Dawu Village.


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