More flowers in March

Feb 14

1. Taiziwan Park
More flowers come into bloom in March and Taiziwan Park will look splendid with flowering Magnolia and prunus serrulata in early March, followed by tulip flowers and cherry blossoms in mid and late March.
How to get there: Take Bus 4/52/87/315/334/822/Y2/Y6 and get off at Su Causeway.

2. Rape flowers at Eight Diagrams Field
The Eight Diagrams Field, known as “ba gua tian” in Chinese, is a heritage park dating from the Southern Song Dynasty. The octagonal field attracts many visitors in late March and early April as rape plants, crab apple, peach and fontanesia trees burst into flowers.
   How to get there: Take Bus 42/20/62/133


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