Plum blossoms in February

Feb 14

February is the prime time to enjoy plum blossoms in Hangzhou.

1. Lingfeng Hill plum blossom tour
Hangzhou Botanical Garden in Lingfeng Hill is a popular spot for plum blossom admirers.
How to get there: Take Bus 28/82/15/7/27

2. Plum blossoms on Gushan Island
Gushan, a small island in the West Lake, is dotted with plum trees which turn white and pink in early spring.
How to get there: Take Bus Y1/Y2/Y3 and get off at Xilingqiao or take Bus 7/27/507 and get off at Gelin.

3. Plum blossoms in Hongyuan Wetland Park
Hongyuan Wetland Park has a lot of plum trees along riverbanks. You can sip tea on a sightseeing boat and enjoy the view of plum blossoms on water. You can also walk along Shou Causeway to enjoy the flowers and take a break at the Opera Corridor.
How to get there: Take Bus 193/356/506/596.


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