Rooster-themed paper mache exhibition

Visitors enjoy a rooster-themed paper mache exhibition in Hangzhou. On April 8, an exhibition in Wanxiang, Hangzhou, used the Chinese zodiac as inspiration for quirky paper mache art. The exhibition features a colorful array of over 100 paper mache roosters crafted from old newspapers. The exhibition is open until April 29.

Apr 14, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Stinky tofu: hard on nose but pleasing to tongue

STRONGER the smell, better the taste. Stinky tofu is fermented tofu with a strong — some say unpleasant — smell. Like Limburger and Vieux-Boulogne have their own select fans, stinky tofu is widely favored

Apr 13, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Now is the perfect season for tea up in the hills

IT is the prime season for fresh tea! The recent moist air, abundant rainfall and rising temperatures mean the leaves are at their tenderest.

In Hangzhou's Longjing, Meijiawu and Waitongwu villages,

Apr 12, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

A traffic problem that can't be soft pedaled

BICYCLES used to be the icons of transport in China, but in the age of the auto, their small carbon footprint is muddying solutions to urban congestion.

During the Qingming Festival holiday last week,

Apr 11, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Students learn the classics

Students at Quzhou No. 2 High School dressed in Han costumes to read Chinese classic novels on their campus. Due to the popularity of a recent television show about Chinese poetry, schools nationwide have seen a new interest among students for the distinctive charm of traditional literature.

Apr 10, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Milan exhibition highlights Chinese style

FOR long, "Made in China" was stereotypical of cheap copies. But an exhibition in Milan dazzles visitors with contemporary Chinese designs, yet made of traditional materials or inspired by old craftsmanship.


Apr 7, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Now is the time to suck up a succulent luosi

CHINESE people's love to luosi (Chinese mystery snail) is similar to some Europeans' fancy for escargot.

The water snail looks quite similar to its French relative, but is smaller, has a darker shell

Apr 6, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Soak up the spring blossoms in Zhejiang

NOW is the best time to see clouds of peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, and a heady bouquet of other flowers in Zhejiang Province.

Fragrances fill the air — notably the extravagant peach blossoms on the

Apr 5, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

When you need food for the soul, here's where

MORE and more Hangzhou restaurants, such as Grandma's Kitchen, Xin Bai Lu and Long Tang Li, are using cheap eats to lure customers.

The trick is how to make a profit, balancing quality and cost to make

Mar 30, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily

New batch of wetlands listed for protection

ZHEJIANG Province government declared its second batch of protected wetlands this month. The province boasts more than 1,100 square kilometers of wetlands, which cover 10.9 percent of its area.


Mar 29, 2017 | Source: Shanghai Daily