Wizards sought to fight online crimes

Mar 17 | Source: Shanghai Daily

Zhejiang Province plans to employ more computer wizards with skills in Internet security through this year's civil service examination.

According to Zhejiang Provincial Department of Human Resources, the new recruits will be working for the law enforcement, communication and financial departments as well as for public archives. The police department alone offers 31 positions.

Hangzhou Public Security Bureau said the employment of Internet specialists is a necessity to fight an increasing number of online crimes, which has become a key task for police.

But the high requirements the police bureau put in its job description has scared off many people, resulting in a small number of applications. The bureau said they need talented people who are good at defensive and offensive hacking skills.

"Internet frauds occur more and more frequently in recent years. We're still short of talented specialists to fight against such crimes," a bureau official said.

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