Hangzhou to invest US$4.5 billion to improve people's livelihood

Mar 29 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Hangzhou plans to invest 28.8 billion yuan (US$4.5 billion) in 106 projects to improve people's livelihood in 2018, according to a Hangzhou Daily report yesterday.

Among the 106 projects, 70 are being carried out and 36 are in preparatory stage. The projects aim to meet people's demand for a better life and solve unbalancing and insufficient supply of basic life facilities, covering areas of housing, education, healthcare, employment, sports and for the disabled.

Hangzhou will make sure there are no families with "zero" employment, meaning at least one family member has a stable job, to avoid poverty.

All the permanent residents will be covered by the social welfare system. Deepening reforms will be carried out in healthcare to set up more hospital alliances to improve medical service and complete the clinic system in suburban areas.

In housing area, Hangzhou will deepen the reform test in house renting, increase subsidies for public house renters, and make sure houses for renting will account for at least 30 percent of newly constructed houses.

Hangzhou will push forward the construction of 31 sports facilities for 2022 Asian Games to be held in the city, the Grand Canal cultural belt in Hangzhou and the Zhijiang cultural industry belt. By 2022, the average sports area for each Hangzhou resident will reach 0.5 square meters. And residents can get access to sports facilities within 15 minutes and fitness facilities in five minutes on average, according to the Hangzhou Sports Facility Special Plan.

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