Competition for talents in high-tech sector is heating up in Hangzhou

Mar 23 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

IT companies offer annual salaries of up to 1 million yuan (US$156,250) for artificial intelligence professionals in Hangzhou as the competition for talents in the high-tech sector is heating up in the city, according to a Daily Business report yesterday.

Alibaba Group offered the job opening at 2018 Future Science and Technology City Large-scale Job Fair last Friday, requiring the applicants to have master's degree or above in computing, statistics or math majors and in-depth study in deep learning, image recognition, classification, detection and image search.

"In addition to talents in artificial intelligence and block chain, demands for user interface designers, front-end engineers, rear-end engineers and architects have kept growing in Hangzhou in recent years," said Hong Wenxiang, chairman of Hangzhou Boquma Human Resources Co Ltd.

Nearly 300 enterprises joined the job fair, offering more than 4,000 job opportunities.

"Comparing with the job fair at the same period last year, the number of participating enterprises nearly doubled, and the job openings jumped by nearly three times," said a senior executive of Future Science and Technology City.

The job fair attracted 4,600 job seekers, and 2,100 of them reached employment intension with employers at the fair.

In 2017, Hangzhou received nearly 80,000 fresh college graduates from other parts of China, among them 10,003 have master's degrees or higher education background, according to the latest statistics from the Organization Department of the CPC Hangzhou Committee

Internet, finance and real estate took the first three places in terms of demand for talent in Hangzhou last year, reaching 50.77 percent, 10.01 percent and 8.78 percent of the total respectively, according to Chai Qing, general manager of, a recruitment portal.

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