Construction of two tunnels and an interchange in Hangzhou making speedy progress

Mar 20 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

The construction of two tunnels and an interchange in the east, southeast and south of the downtown area has made remarkable progress, according to reports of Hangzhou news portal yesterday.

The construction of Jinshahu Tunnel in Xiasha area in the east of the city has been completed and the tunnel is expected to be put into trial operation next month.

Jinshahu Tunnel is 835 meters long with four lanes for both ways, connecting Desheng Road E. in the north and Xiasha Road in the south.

Originally, Xiasha authorities planned to construct Xingfu Road N. over Jinsha Lake. In order to make the traffic smoother in the area, they changed the road into Jinshahu Tunnel instead.

Jinsha Lake is the largest artificial lake in Hangzhou. At the beginning of the year, water was diverted into the lake and its water area reached around 309,500 square meters, or the size of 44 standard soccer fields.

By the end of 2020, Jinsha Lake will be constructed into a large landscape park with a total area of more than 90 standard soccer fields.

The construction of main structure for the Bo'ao Tunnel has been kicked off in the north bank of the Qiantang River, according to the report.

With a total length of 2,800 meters, the tunnel lies between Xixing Bridge on the upstream of the Qiantang River in the southwest and Metro Line 2 and Qingchun Tunnel on the downstream in northeast.

There will be two ramps at the north and south of the tunnel on each side of the Qiantang River. The north entrance of the tunnel is in the south of the crossing of Xinye Road and Fuchun Road, and on the west of it is Hangzhou Grand Theater. The south entrance is in the north of the crossing of Bo'ao Road and Pinglan Road, and on the west of it is Hangzhou International Expo Center and Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center.

The construction of the tunnel on the southern bank of the Qiantang River was launched last April. With four lanes for both ways, the project will be similar to the Qingchun Road Tunnel with two separate tunnels for two ways. The designed speed cap will be 60 kilometers per hour.

After completion in 2020, it will take only three minutes to commute between Qianjiang New City and Qianjiang Century City. Currently it takes at least 18 minutes by metro. Passengers have to take Metro Line 4 first and then transfer to Metro Line 2, or vice versa, to cover the distance.

According to the master plan of Hangzhou, Qianjiang Century City and Qianjiang New City will be the new city center in the future. It's expected there will be huge demand for traffic by then, and Bo'ao Tunnel, Qingchun Road Tunnel, metro and Qianjiang No. 3 Bridge will provide transport for commuters.

In addition, the construction of Wangqiu Interchange, connecting South Qiutao Road Elevated Road and Wangjiang Road, is expected to be completed by end of July, and the interchange will be put into operation by the year end, according to the plan.

After completion, commuters from nearby communities and along Wangjiang Road will benefit from the interchange.

And drivers from Qiushi Elevated Road or downtown can take the interchange to Wangjiang Tunnel directly. By then it will take around five minutes to travel from the riverbank in Shangcheng District to Binjiang District.

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