Qianjiang New City to build a complete ecological water system

Mar 14 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

An artist's rendering of Hemu Harbor in the west of the city after major renovations during the construction of the second phase of Qianjiang New City from 2018 to the middle of the century.

Hangzhou plans to set up a complete ecological water system with seven main rivers in Qianjiang New City, which is a part of the city's key strategy to develop the areas along the Qiantang River into a world-class waterfront from 2018 to the middle of the century.

The seven rivers include: Qiantang River from Qianjiang No. 2 Bridge to Hemu Harbor, Yingshui River, Sanhao Harbor, Wuhao Harbor, Baishi Harbor, Liuhao Harbor and Hemu Harbor.

Among them, Hemu Harbor running 11.8 kilometers in the east of the city, which used to be a clean river years ago. However, as factory plants without drainage system mushroomed along the river in recent years, the river has been odorous and heavily polluted.

Since 2015 all the factory plants along the river have been covered by a complete drainage system, and green belts have been built to make the area more livable.

And along the Qiantang River a complete landscape system will be set up on top of Zhijiang Road E., which will be constructed underground for traffic instead. After completion, joggers can even run half-marathon along the green ways along the river in the future. In addition, entertainment, leisure, commercial and service facilities will be set up to improve visitors' experience.

Four ecological parks will be built near the rivers, including Wubao Park, Liubao Park, Qibao Park and Hemu Harbor Park. Every community in the Qianjiang New City will have a park inside as well.

Eventually, the second phase of Qianjiang New City will be built into a large international community and exchange center. Around 100,000 residents will inhabit in the area after completion, according to the estimation by Hangzhou CBC Investment Group, the developer of the area.

With a total land area of 5.8 square kilometers, the second phase is designed to house international communities and facilities. The area is in the east of Shanghai-Hangzhou High-speed Railway, north of the Qiantang River, south of Genshan Road E. and west of Hemu Harbor and Jiutian Road.

An underground city will be built from Yudao Station to Qibao Old Street Station along Metro Line 9 in Qianjiang New City. The underground city will cover four Metro stations of Yudao, Wubao, Liubao and Qibao Old Street. The total size of the city is expected to be around 400,000 square meters.

Yudao Station will be an exchange between Metro Line 9 and airport fast-speed line. An international hospital will be set up in Qibao area, and complete education facilities will be built for children living in the international communities.

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