Hangzhou to add 5 million square meters of underground spaces in 2018

Mar 13 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

An artist's rendition of Hangzhou Center at the crossing of Wulin Square's east runway and Huancheng Road N. Under the Hangzhou Center a six-storey commercial complex will be constructed, providing quick access to all the commercial buildings around the Wulin Square after completion.

Hangzhou plans to add 5 million square meters of underground spaces in 2018, according to Hangzhou Construction Commission yesterday.

Underground spaces will be developed in 31 key areas with 78 projects, including 17 new projects, most in downtown area or around metro stations.

The six-storey underground space of Hangzhou Center in Wulin Square will connect Hangzhou Mansion, Guoda City Plaza, Hangzhou Department Store and Baijingfang Lane in addition to Hangzhou Mansion.

The construction will be completed in 2021 according to the plan.

Another mega underground space at Wushan Square will be set up around Wushan Square Station of Metro Line 7. It will have four storeys of department stores, supermarkets, parking lots and a theater.

"Wushan Square will be connected with Wushan Famous Tower, Tianfeng Commercial Building, and in the long term it will be connected with the existing underground spaces of Yan'an Road S. and Xihu Avenue. By then visitors can walk all the way from Wushan Square to Hubin beside West Lake," said an employee of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Shangcheng District.

The construction of the underground spaces will start by this year end and is expected to complete in three years.

Sixteen projects in Hangzhou have been listed as demonstration projects on developing underground spaces in Zhejiang Province, including the underground complex of South Hangzhou Railway Station in Xiaoshan District, the underground space development project of Future Science and Technology City in Yuhang District as well as the underground projects of Wushan Square and Hangzhou Center.

By 2020, underground spaces in Hangzhou will total 82.6 million square meters, according to a previous report in 2016. 

Hangzhou launched its first construction plan for underground facilities in nine urban districts, three key areas, eight sub-centers and 11 suburban hubs in 2016.

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