Construction of Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway marks another landmark

Mar 13 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

A last railway track was laid into place along Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway at Chuanfang Specially Long Span Bridge in Xiaoshan District yesterday, paving the way for the operation of the line by end of the year, according to a Metropolitan report yesterday.

The 265-kilometer new rail will link up Hangzhou and Huangshan, a tourist city at the foot of the Yellow Mountain in neighboring Anhui Province.

The 10 stations along the line are Hangzhou East, Hangzhou South, Fuyang, Tonglu, Jiande, Chun'an, Sanyang, Jixi North, She County North and Huangshan North. The first six stations are in the territory of Hangzhou, among them only Hangzhou East Railway Station has been completed so far.

After the railway is put into service, Hangzhou travelers can reach the Yellow Mountain in one hour and 30 minutes at the highest speed of 250 kilometers an hour.

People of Shanghai, Ningbo and Nanjing can also have a shortcut to the mountain and five top scenic spots in China along the route, including: Qiandao Lake in Chun'an in the far west of the city, Longchuan Scenic Area, Xidi and Hongcun in Huangshan City of Anhui Province.

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