Lin'an to set up a national cultural relics park

Mar 8 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Lin'an District announced yesterday its plan to set up a national cultural relics park after the archaeological discovery of more than 1,000 cultural relics at an air-raid shelter construction site under a parking lot in the district government compound last April.

The cultural relics include copper coins and ceramic pieces dating back to the Five Dynasties (AD 907-960) and the Song Dynasty (960-1127), ancient floor tiles and drainage ditches in a pit of about 400 square meters.

As the district government compound in the west of the city is in daily operation and there are a lot of cars and people coming in and out of it every day, so the cultural relic site has been restored to the original state for preservation.

Whether the government compound will be relocated depends on further surveys and evacuations.

Another archaeological discovery site is around Taimiaoshan, or Imperial Shrine Hill, at where Qianwang Cemetery has been found. Qian Liu (AD 852-932), the founder of the Wuyue Kingdom (AD 907-978), is also called Qianwang, or King Qian.

In addition, 1 billion yuan (US$156.25 million) will be invested in the renovation of Qianwang Boulevard in Lin'an. The Qianwang Boulevard from Lingongshan Road to Qianjin Avenue will be expanded from four lanes to six lanes for both ways. All the rain and sewage pipes will be replaced, and around 800 parking spaces will be set up along the boulevard.

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