AlphaGo to help improve traffic management in Hangzhou

Mar 5 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Hangzhou's "City Brain" program adopting big data and artificial intelligence technology in city development will be raised to a higher level with the help of Google's computer program AlphaGo, according to a Metropolitan Express report yesterday.

It will be the first time for AlphaGo technology to be used for social governance to solve the traffic problems in a city in China, according to Kong Wanfeng, deputy director of Hangzhou Traffic Police Bureau.

"Similar to go chess, we regard the city as a chessboard and every traffic light as a chess piece," Kong added.

Hangzhou has invited top experts from home and abroad on artificial intelligence to join the program. And tests have been done on more than 20 traffic lights in Yunqi Small Town in Xihu District in the southwest of the city.

By the end of last year, "City Brain" program had covered 66 square kilometers in Xiaoshan District as test area. During the 2022 Asian Game, the program will enable the city to manage the traffic system more accurate and better coordinated, according to Kong.

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