Colorful activities at West Lake Expo International Tourism Festival

Oct 27 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Visitors to 2017 West Lake Expo International Tourism Festival will be able to join 95 activities, including 15 cultural experience activities, eight conventions and exhibitions, nine sports and leisure activities and seven fashion and shopping events.

Among them, the ongoing 4th Grand Canal Temple Fair includes more than 20 activities at a dozen venues in Xiacheng, Gongshu and Yuhang districts. Visitors can join dancing competitions, watch outdoor movies, buy groceries, enjoy delicacies from October to November at the temple fair.

Different districts have also organized colorful activities. For instance, Xihu District has introduced nine cycling routes; in Xiaoshan District, there are Tidal Bore Festival and International Photo Contest; and Chun'an County will organize 2017 Qiandao Lake Marathon and Qiandao Lake Music & Food Festival.

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