Hangzhou Collectable Stationery Trade Fair to open tomorrow

Oct 26 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

More than 700 collectable stationery merchants from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Nepal and UK will join the 3-day Hangzhou Collectable Stationery Trade Fair at Wushan Antique City in Hangzhou starting from tomorrow.

Meanwhile, visitors can visit an exhibition of collections by Chinese folk artists, an exhibition of paintings on folk customs of Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) of Hong Wanli, and listen to a lecture on the collection of coins of the Southern Song Dynasty by Zhong Xuzhou, the former chief editor of Southern Song Book of Chinese Coin Thesaurus.

Hangzhou was the capital city of Southern Song Dynasty, and was called Lin'an at that time.

Visitors can also bring their collected antiques for four top experts in China to make an evaluation at Wushan Antique City on October 28.

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