China and CEEC music academies compose a union to boost cultural cooperation

Oct 18 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Representatives from China and 14 CEEC countries sign a declaration on founding the China-CEEC Music Academies Union.

Heads of conservatories from China and 14 Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) signed a declaration to form the China–CEEC Music Academies Union at the first China-CEEC Music Academies Rector Forum held from September 21 to 25 in Zhejiang Conservatory of Music.

The union is aimed at exploring a new model and new example of the cultural and art cooperation, shared benefits and developments among different countries and nations.

Rectors, experts and scholars from China and 14 CEEC countries, namely, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuanian, Montenegro, Poland, Romanian, Serbia, Slovenia and Estonia, attended the forum, making in-depth discussion on issues such as the power of music and musical education, and how to help national music and art develop and spread around the world.

CEECs boast musical art culture of unique charm and profound foundation, and the conservatories in these countries occupy very important positions in higher education of music and the art circles in the world. A lot of world-famous music masters like Dvorak, Liszt, and Chopin all came from this area.

Also at the forum, the China-CEEC Art Creation and Research Center was inaugurated.

In the near future, the union will work under the China-CEEC "16+1" cultural cooperation framework to sponsor a series of events including China-CEEC music summer camp and China-CEEC jazz music summer camp.

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