City to host global cross-border e-commerce summit

Oct 12 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Second Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit will be held on October 26-27 in Hangzhou, according to the official Wechat account of China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-Commerce Pilot Zone yesterday.

The main forum of the summit will be held on October 26 with the theme of "Online Silk Road connects world."

Representatives from international organizations, China's central government and Zhejiang provincial government as well as Hangzhou government officials will expound international trade rules and national policies on cross-border e-commerce.

Top executives from Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Wish and Shopee will also share their experiences in the field.

Apart from the main forum, six branch forums will be organized to discuss cross-border e-commerce service, product quality, talent, intelligent logistics, international arbitration and financial service.

Representatives from the nations along the "Belt and Road" and cross-border e-commerce pilot zones across China will also attend the summit to share their views and experiences.

China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-Commerce Pilot Zone was set up in March to spur foreign trade and industrial upgrade. In light of the central government's guideline, the Hangzhou e-commerce zone focuses its efforts on pushing innovation, technical standards, procedure and supervision of cross-border e-commerce and on introducing its successful practices to other parts of the country.

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