Haichao Temple to restore its past glory

Jul 19 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

The layout design of the Haichao Temple Cultural Area.

The Haichao Buddhist Temple in northeast Shangcheng District will be restored in 2020 and its surrounding area will be turned into a lifestyle hub.

A plan posted on the official WeChat of the city government shows that the 8.5-hectare temple area will be a complex of shopping, catering and recreational facilities.

Equal in fame as the Lingyin Temple on the West Lake, Haichao Temple reached its peak during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing (1796-1820) when it had about 300 halls and houses. The temple fell into ruins in wars with only Tianwang Hall still standing.

Urban planners made a feasibility study for the temple's reconstruction which entails the relocation of about 430 households from the area and the renovation of surrounding blocks.

The plan was approved by municipal authorities in April and will be carried out next year.

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