Take umbrella with you for the week

Mar 20 | Source: by Shanghai Daily

Two girls walk in drizzle along the Bai Causeway in the West Lake yesterday.

Rain will continue for much of the week with occasional thunders, local weathermen said yesterday.

Today is chunfen or vernal equinox. After this day, days are growing longer and nights shorter in the Northern Hemisphere. Weather will get warmer each day and more rains are expected.

This week, Hangzhou will have a small range of temperatures from 9 degrees to 13 degrees Celsius. Except a cloudy Tuesday, rain is expected Monday to Saturday but Sunday will turn from overcast to cloudy again.

The Hangzhou Meteorological Bureau will have an open-house activity on Thursday to mark World Meteorological Day. Ordinary people can visit the bureau and learn something about the formation and influence of clouds, the theme of this year's Meteorological Day.

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