Hangzhou has 5 of 80 protected wetlands in Zhejiang

Mar 17 | Source: City Express/Edited by Shanghai Daily

The Zhejiang provincial government announced the second list of 48 protected wetlands in the province. Three of them are in Hangzhou.

They are Xianghu Wetland in Xiaoshan District, Sanbaitan Wetland in Yuhang District, and Qianmutian Wetland in Chun'an County.

The first list, published in 2014, included the city's Xixi Wetland and Gulugulu Island Wetland, thus Hangzhou has five of the 80 wetlands on the provincial list for protection.

Statistics show Zhejiang has 1.11 million hectares of wetlands, accounting for 10.9 percent of its land area. They include 11 national wetland parks, 20 provincial wetland parks, 11 city-level wetland parks and 30 nature reserves.

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