City tightens control over visitors as G20 summit nears

Aug 8

Hangzhou police step up security measures in the run-up to the G20 summit.

The National Tourism Administration announced that Hangzhou, excluding its suburban districts, will stop receiving tourist groups from August 28 and September 7 as the city hosts the G20 summit on September 4 and 5.

Whether individual tourists will be affected is not mentioned in the announcement.
Hangzhou will implement special control and security measures in scenic areas and hotels to ensure security during the summit meeting.

Local residents are advised to carry their ID cards all the time and have their residence permits updated if necessary. Subway stations, airports and train stations will have massive police deployment.

Security check at Metro stations has been tightened since June with a focus on banned liquids and dangerous items.

From August 15, all incoming passengers will undergo a security check at Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station and Yuhang High-speed Train Station. All hotels will ask their guests or visitors to show ID cards.

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