Moksh Indian Cuisine


Address: 39 Jiefang Road解放路39号

Phone: 0571 8770 0782,0571 8770 0783

We remember when the first Indian restaurant opened. It was on the corner of Youdian Road and Hubin Road. This was back before all those trees were planted right in the middle of Hubin Road. Located in a place called, Contempo Bar, it was knocked down shortly after having opened in early 2002 if memory serves us correctly. Then we got the cute little location that is Havelli, followed up with the southern guys at Indian Kitchen located farther down Nanshan Road. Now we have our fourth Indian place opening and it’s more Punjabi food than anything else. Tony, one of the owners, assures us that they get their spices straight from India to ensure the most authentic flavors. We went twice last month, once for their opening party which was replete with an awesome buffet dinner and sweet belly dancer; and another time to try out their menu offerings.

On our second trip, we started off our meal with some of that wonderfully thin and crispy bread called, Papadam (6RMB). We then were served two vegetable Samosas (6RMB/per). The Chicken Lolly Pop (38RMB) was done just right. Then we got an order of Chicken Vindaloo (42RMB) and was that one full of those imported spices or what? We needed a couple more napkins to wipe our brows. To top it all off, we got a plate of Garlic Naan (10RMB) with a pleasant amount of garlic. Including two cans of Coke, our meal for two came to a very reasonable 128RMB, and we had to get a doggy bag for the leftovers. For those of you who live in the east near the Holiday Inn or around the Shamrock should make this place a regular stop. For friendly service and superb food, give Moksh a try.

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