Hangzhou Tower


Address: 1 Wulin Square武林广场1号

Phone: 0571 8515 3911

This department store has higher-end stuff than In Time and a hell of a lot fewer people. Get your cosmetics on the first floor, along with shoes. The remaining floors are full of brand name clothes, shoes, bags, etc. This place ain't easy to find on your first try. What you have to do is go to the very south end of the building (for those of you who are directionally challenged, that's the side closest to Tiyuchang rd.) and go down the stairs and hang a right. This used to be a great place to pick up a few hard to get things, but it's strangely being overrun by imported chocolate. You can pick up some coffee, breakfast cereal, pastas, sauce and a few kinds of cheese. There's also some alcohol here but it's definitely pricier than the other places around town. If you’re in the market for good shoes and can’t afford Prada prices, this is the place to go. The first floor has shoes like Nine West and Anne Klein. However, if you are in search of more conservative shoes, loafer paradise is on the fourth floor. Get ya a pair of Hush Puppies for a mere 600RMB.

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