Friends Bar


Address: 103-12 Nanshan Road南山路103-12号

Phone: 0571 8706 3887

Recently, we have been telling you guys about Shuguang road's takeover. Now Nanshan road has thrown a couple of counter punches. It looks like Utmost is getting a facelift, Linglong Town finished re-renovating, and Friends opened their doors once more under Ah Dong who formerly ran Casablanca, Kana's, Old Captain and then Casablanca again. The man's got a good entertainment background behind him and has a loyal group of customers who follow him from place to place. What Nanshan road has and Shuguang road will probably never have is its walk-in customers. So on top of Ah Dong's friends, you've got a good mix of fresh faces in the place each night.

They've got Dawn to do the live music, and as one customer put it, she can really sing from the center. Hey, even we can't put some words in print. Apparently, when a yogi, and that customer is a master yogi, says someone can do something from their center, it's a great compliment. She does an easy nightly mix of Chinese, English and some Spanish songs of old and new. While we're on the Shuguang vs. Nanshan topic, we might as well mention the next possible contender in Hubin road. Joy's came out from nowhere to create one of the liveliest bars in town and now a bunch of admirers have opened up a few spots in the same building. Because they might have admired or copied too closely, they probably won't get the hoards that Joy's does, but who knows? The outdoor balcony areas could possibly have some great parties before the summer heat kicks in. If you haven't been to Nanshan road in a while, check out Friends for a drink. It's alright, if to just see a few new people.

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