Address: 2/F, Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, 28 Hubin Rd.湖滨路28号杭州凯悦酒店2楼

Phone: 0571 8779 1234

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard, “There are no classy places for a drink in Hangzhou.” Please people! Classy places are usually exclusive because the masses are too lazy to find out about them – has very little to do with the money involved. Go though our bar listings, and you’ll find Bellevue. It’s been there for a good while. What part of “the place is simply posh” don’t people understand? So, in honor of the bar’s three-year anniversary, let us re-introduce you to one of the nicest places in town to get a proper cocktail.

Bellevue’s got a long list of drinks: beers, sherries, ports, four types of margaritas, four types of mojitos, four types of martinis… you get the picture. They’ve even got house specialties like the Sky Woo Wooo, a mixture of cranberry, vodka with a lychee plopped on in. Martinis come with olives (and bigguns at that) and not just the cheap ass twists of lemon rinds every other place uses. While they do have a good selection, your particular tipple might not be on it. No prob. We asked for a Dirty Martini and were happily accommodated. There’s a good menu of cigars too, and if you’re not one to gnaw on the end for too long, they’ve got Montecristo minis for only 30 kuai – great for a quickie. Relax with your drink and cigar while being entertained by the house band on their traditional instruments (Not what you think. It’s actually pretty cool), and when they are taking a break, ambient music makes its way through the speakers. There’s a 15% service charge, which really only brings the prices up to those of Shanghai’s, so the damage isn’t bad at all.

Bellevue is nice to stop by for an aperitif before or a drink after dinner at 28 HuBin or the Café, but the bar food isn’t too shabby either. On a date? Take him to the Bellevue and sit by the expansive windows looking lakeside. He’ll be impressed. If you’re heading to the Hyatt Charity Summer Charity Ball this month, the Bellevue is pretty much the only place to drink that dolled up, so it’s the perfect spot to finish up the night. Good thing it’s conveniently located right down the hall.

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