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1 Wujie

Wujie serves vegetarian dishes inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine in an upscale dining environment. It’s more expensive than ordinary vegetarian restaurants in town — a bowl of rice costs 10 y...

2/F, 2nd zone of The Mixc, 701 Fuchun Rd

2 Roots Resort

One of the delights of Hangzhou is that with less than a 20-minute drive from downtown one can escape the crowds and traffic and relax among the forests and water. Roots Resort sits in such a place...

No. 47, Xu Village, Jiuxi

3 Tai Su Vegetarian Restaurant

As well as the standard vegetables, some vegetarian restaurants serve dishes that look like meat. Often made with tofu, such dishes have been created for meat-lovers who need to eat vegetables in c...

4/F, PowerLong Plaza, the crossing of Jiangnan and Huoju avenues

4 Yun Lin Vegetarian

Yun Lin — meaning cloud and forest — is the original name of Hangzhou’s Lingyin Temple, one of the most well-known Buddhist temples in the country. Close to temple, the restaurant is part of the lu...

No. 22, Fayun Lane

5 Cheerday Beer Plus

Cheerday is a local specialty beer made from Qiaodao Lake’s water. A few bottles of Cheerday are already common companions for a warm summer day but earlier this week, after 27 years of beer brewin...

3/F, Hubin Intime (In77), 257 Yan’an Rd

6 Schanke Beer Bar

If you’re craving a sip of a real German beer during New Year’s, Schanke is your best bet. Owner Wang Lei got a German company to help him set up his beer bar that now features 14 stainless-steel b...

Rm 1-3, Mansion 32, Qingchunfang (the crossing of Zhonghezhong Road and Qingchun Road)

7 Pilsner Restaurant/Bar

The first and only Czech restaurant in Hangzhou, Pilsner is run by a Czech-Chinese couple and provides authentic cuisine as well as beer brewed in house by Czech experts. The couple used to run Chi...

9A-9C, Xihu Tiandi, 147 Nanshan Rd

8 Hangzhou Grand Theater

If you’ve been reading our mag for any period of time, you might be under the impression that we are not at all the cultured type. Not so. OK, our writing might be a tad gutteresque, and we do talk ab...

66 East Zhijiang Rd. | View Map

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