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1 Longchuanwan Scenic Area

Longchuanwan Scenic Area, with admission of 100 yuan (US$15.76), includes a crystal clear lake, forests, gently sloped hills and abundant couch grass.

The best season to visit the scenic ...

Jiangjia Town, Hangzhou | View Map

2 Daci Rock

Daci Rock is known as a spiritual place among Buddhists. It is also popular among followers of Confucianism.

It is famous for its abbey, the largest sculpture of a standing natural Buddha...

24 kilometers from urban Jiande | View Map

3 Xin'an River Hot Spring

The hot spring is along the Xin'an River in Jiande and has a natural hot sulphur spring that contains 3.07 milligrams of hydrogen sulphide per kilogram of water, more than half the national standar...

in Jiande Town, Hangzhou | View Map

4 Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area

The mountain area has great views and many celebrities have visited or lived here over the years. The scenic area includes the mountain, two villages nestled at the foot of the mountain, a part of ...

northeast of Hangzhou, in Dingqiao Town and Banshan Town | View Map

5 Shenbo Park

Shenbo Park is the home of the Xiaoshan Fishing Association. The park features a small forest, some farms growing fruits and vegetables and a large pond with fish, water fowl, as well as some Chine...

No. 402 Shunba Village, Ningwei Town, Xiaoshan | View Map

6 Xiaoshan Xiang Lake Leisure Fishing Center

The fishing center at Xiang Lake Farm is one of the most popular places to fish in the district with some 50,000 anglers coming every year.

It features a fishing area in which fish, turtl...

inside Xiang Lake Scenic Area | View Map

7 Yaolin Fairyland

Yaolin Fairyland is a 30-minute-drive from either E'shan or Tonglu. Listed as one of the country's top 40 tourist attractions, the fairyland is actually a series of limestone caves that formed arou...

Yaolin Town, Tonglu County | View Map

8 Heqiao Town

The town, about 50 kilometers from Hangzhou, was once a commercial center in western Zhejiang Province and was dubbed "Little Shanghai" during the 1930s.

Today, a large part of it has bee...

Changhua County, Lin’an, Hangzhou | View Map

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