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1 Xixi Wetlands

Big news came when bird photographer Zhu Chenzhou captured some images of a Baikal Teal – an endangered water bird that hasn't been spotted in these parts for over a decade. Many more rare birds ar...

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2 Hangzhou Botanical Gardens

The gardens are part research center part recreational gardens. Great places to walk and picnic, with over 4,000 species of plants to look at. 10RMB for adults; 5RMB for children (under 1.3 meters hig...

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3 Nine Streams and Eighteen Gullies

Nine Streams and Eighteen Gullies originate from Yangjiawu of Yangmeiling (Waxberry Ridge) and empties into the Qiantang River by way of Xu Village. The gullies, which are located in Longjing Villa...

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4 Tianmu Mountain

Tianmu Mountain National Nature Reserve sits in the northwest of Tianmu Mountain range of Zhejiang Province. It is within the municipality of Lin'an. It covers an area of 4,284 hectares. About 88.2 pe...

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5 Hangzhou Safari Park

Hangzhou Safari Park is set in the mountains and is the largest park of its kind in eastern China. Here you can see many animals in a near wild setting. Take bus No. 514 to get there....

1 Jiulong Avenue, Hangfu Road, Fuyang (near the 320 national highway) | View Map

6 Ancient Paper-making and Printing Village

This village in Fuyang City, southwest of Hangzhou, has preserved the ancient craft of paper-making and printing. It has traditional paper mills, printing and binding workshops and a museum. Visitors ...

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7 Yunsong Book Villa

Yunsong Book Villa was built with funds from Jin Yong, the famous Chinese author of Kungfu novels. Jin also receives visitors in the villa which consists of terrace balconies and pavilions with litera...

Hongchun Bridge, Lingyin Road | View Map

8 Liuyushanju

Located on the north side of the Southern Peak, Liuyushanju is a well-known botanical garden dating from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The hill is lush with vegetation and full of grotesque rocks. The...

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