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1 Shangri-la Hotel

Rooms start at 1058RMB+15%service fee.
Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou, the most famous and historical hotel, stands on the North shore of the famous West Lake. Located five minutes from downtown, the ho...

78 Beishan Road | View Map

2 Pins de La Brume

Tea fans can sip the famous Longjing beverage here up close to the bushes themselves, as tables at the five-star hotel Pins de La Brume are dotted about a large tea field. If it’s too chilly, you c...

18-8 Lingyin Rd

3 Queen’s Park Boutique Hotel

This city center hotel offers a scenic view and boasts good facilities for a fair price of from 300 to 500 yuan. It’s a good option for tourists who need to stay downtown. L’occitane bathroom goods...

277 Wulin Road

4 Country Stroll Inn

As one of the oldest guest houses around Baile Bridge, Country Stroll Inn is so popular now that reservations are necessary during the peak April to July season. The inn features numerous plants, s...

No. 289, Baile Bridge

5 Lanshui International Youth Hostel

The hostel’s location across from Orioles Singing in the Willows, a famous attraction, has made it very popular with young tourists even though it is within a residential block. The hostel is infor...

148-5 Nanshan Rd

6 Manshu Guest House

Numerous temples, including Tianzhu Faxi Temple and Tianzhu Fajing Temple, can be found in western Hangzhou. Centuries ago, a group of renowned monks lived in these temples, including the famous poet ...

277 Tianzhu Rd

7 Metoo House

Metoo House, a “work” by a bunch of designers/owners, is a white wood-and-glass house situated at top of a slope. It uses only wooden furniture and cotton-and-linen bedding. It cultivates vegetables l...

No. 260, Baileqiao, Lingyingzhi Road

8 Banye Art House

C’EST la vie of tourists in Banye Art House/Hotel: Rest in the hotel containing many artworks, hike in nearby mountains or bike around West Lake, eat local dishes at neighboring farmers’ homes, partic...

No. 139, Maojiabu, Longjing Road

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