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1 Wujie

Wujie serves vegetarian dishes inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine in an upscale dining environment. It’s more expensive than ordinary vegetarian restaurants in town — a bowl of rice costs 10 y...

2/F, 2nd zone of The Mixc, 701 Fuchun Rd

2 Roots Resort

One of the delights of Hangzhou is that with less than a 20-minute drive from downtown one can escape the crowds and traffic and relax among the forests and water. Roots Resort sits in such a place...

No. 47, Xu Village, Jiuxi

3 Tai Su Vegetarian Restaurant

As well as the standard vegetables, some vegetarian restaurants serve dishes that look like meat. Often made with tofu, such dishes have been created for meat-lovers who need to eat vegetables in c...

4/F, PowerLong Plaza, the crossing of Jiangnan and Huoju avenues

4 Yun Lin Vegetarian

Yun Lin — meaning cloud and forest — is the original name of Hangzhou’s Lingyin Temple, one of the most well-known Buddhist temples in the country. Close to temple, the restaurant is part of the lu...

No. 22, Fayun Lane

5 Cheerday Beer Plus

Cheerday is a local specialty beer made from Qiaodao Lake’s water. A few bottles of Cheerday are already common companions for a warm summer day but earlier this week, after 27 years of beer brewin...

3/F, Hubin Intime (In77), 257 Yan’an Rd

6 Schanke Beer Bar

If you’re craving a sip of a real German beer during New Year’s, Schanke is your best bet. Owner Wang Lei got a German company to help him set up his beer bar that now features 14 stainless-steel b...

Rm 1-3, Mansion 32, Qingchunfang (the crossing of Zhonghezhong Road and Qingchun Road)

7 Pilsner Restaurant/Bar

The first and only Czech restaurant in Hangzhou, Pilsner is run by a Czech-Chinese couple and provides authentic cuisine as well as beer brewed in house by Czech experts. The couple used to run Chi...

9A-9C, Xihu Tiandi, 147 Nanshan Rd

8 Come Home

Another restaurant that specializes in crayfish noodles is Come Home, a sub-brand of local franchise Lao Tou’er. Crayfish are also used in the sauce, cooking oil and toppings. The crayfish oil is a...

1/F, Well City, crossing of Wenyi and Wantang roads

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