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1 Dingshun Snack Shop

Natives love to eat pan-fried baozi filled with pork — as much as those in Shanghai. It is a common breakfast item in Shanghai as well as Hangzhou, which holds a significant place in the culture of bo...

Opposite to Hangzhou No.4 High School

2 Fuyuanju Restaurant

Chef Guo Lianbao has opened his doors on the Huimin Road eatery for several years now. Diners are allured by his authentic Hangzhou cuisine, notwithstanding the nondescript décor. The restaurant of...

35 Hefang St.

3 Yuanxing Noodle Store

This noodle store is easy to be overlooked with its low-profile fa?ade. However, it has been an indispensable part of the neighborhood during the past 10 years. The small eatery is always packed with ...

220 Xihu Ave.

4 Chinese Hamburger

Roujiamo, literally meaning “meat in bun,” is a common roadside snack from Xi’an but nowadays it can be seen in street corners in many cities. The vendor slices a backed bun in the middle, cuts mea...

A045, Aspire To Be Grand Canal Palace, crossing of Daguan Rd and Lishui Rd

5 Lakeside Veggie

The veg restaurant next to West Lake has earned fame for its cuisines, and mild and tasteful decoration. Like a mysterious Chinese garden, visitors are first welcomed at a wooden gate and then led ...

1 Xueshi Bridge, Nanshan Rd

6 Miss Fu in Chengdu

Chengdu is home to panda, hotpot and chuanchuan, a popular novel eating method — classic ingredients are skewered on bamboo sticks, stuck into a spicy broth and boiled, then dipped into a pungent sauc...

110 Pingfeng Rd, near Baijingfang Lane

7 Noodle House

Hangzhou people’s love for noodle started about 1,000 years ago when it became the country’s capital in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) and the court from north China brought wheaten food cultur...

10 Disan Lane, Xingyuanli, Baifu Rd

8 Gu Zao Yong Le Cun

Chinese breakfast youtiao (fried twisted dough) and doujiang (soy milk) is like bread and milk in the West. But nowadays, small booths frying youtiao and boiling doujiang is seen less and less in citi...

26 Dongpo Rd

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