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1 Bian Fu Mao shoe shop

Cloth shoes have a history dating back more than 3,000 years in China, dominating the footwear industry before the arrival of leather shoes and sneakers. Though fewer and fewer people wear cloth shoes...

338 Zhongshan Rd M.

2 Xiaofeng Bookstore

This branch of the famous Xiaofeng Bookstore is located near the Zhejiang Gongshang University Press. Porcelains, exquisite notebooks and postcards, stationery and plants help create a pleasant enviro...

200 Jiaogong Road | View Map

3 FunsZoo

FunsZoo is a special store mixed with various kinds of original brands. With the cooperation and building from both top cartoonists and designers, it mainly sells creative products. The products in th...

37 Zhongshan Road N. | View Map

4 Innocent Age Bookstore Bar

This bookstore bar is located on the side of Beishan Hill overlooking the West Lake. It has a rich collection of books and teas. If you are interested, you can climb the hill and find a pleasant spot ...

8 Qianshan Road, Xihu District (near Baochu Pagoda) | View Map

5 Wushan Night Market

Wushan Night Market is representative of a typical Hangzhou night market. Although it has been running for more than 20 years, it remains a meeting place for fashionable young people. This street whic...

between Renhe and Huixing roads | View Map

6 Remnant market

The remnant market located inside the Hangzhou Second-hand Market provides surplus materials from textile printing manufacturers and clothing factories, making it possible to get some cloth to make a ...

2/F, Block 3, Hangzhou Second-hand Market, 589 Shixiang Rd | View Map

7 Hangzhou Silk City

Buying a souvenir made of silk is a must for visitors to Hangzhou, the city known for its sericulture, and Hangzhou Silk City embracing hundreds of silk stores is an ideal place to find a bargain. ...

253 Xinhua Rd | View Map

8 One Page Bookstore

Page One sells books costing an average of 200 yuan (US$29.50), but it's already proving popular and nearly 400 memberships were sold on opening day, far beyond expectations. "Hangzhou boasts stron...

Shop 488, MixC, No.701, Fuchun Road | View Map

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