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Outskirts - Xixi Wetland Park

Outskirts - Xixi Wetland Park

Xixi National Wetland Park 西溪国家湿地公园

Covering more than three-quarters of Xixi National Wetlands Park, water is the spirit and life of the place. It is located not far from the urban area and has been honored as China's first national wetland park.

Photo by Han Yuhua

This protected natural reserve is home to 99 types of wild fish, several species of birds, trees and flowers; the rich diversity of fauna and flora giving the park its unique beauty.

In the past, villagers once lived on the wetlands, planting mulberry and persimmon trees to hold the muddy banks together. Their livelihood consisted of rearing silkworms, growing mulberry trees for the silkworms' food, silk weaving, selling persimmons, bamboo-made products and fishing.

Visitors to the park can take a boat ride, stopping to view various exhibitions such as the houses where the villagers once stayed, silk weaving machines, and the magnificent dragon boats.

During summer, Xixi National Wetlands Park holds celebrations for the Dragon Boat Festival, with dragon boat competitions at Deep Pond, which legend says is so deep that a dragon dwells there. Visitors can join in the fun and cheer the men on as they expertly race their ornamentally designed and decorated boats to the finishing line.

Address: 148 Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou. Bus: K506, K193, K310, Y13. Opening hours: 7:30am-5:30pm. Admission fee: 80 yuan for admission, 60 yuan for all boat rides. Tel: +86 571 88106789. Website:

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