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West Lake - Activities

West Lake - Activities

Catch a boat ride at West Lake and enjoy the natural scenery which differs all year round. Blooming flowers beautify the scenery of the lake starting with the flowering season of plum blossoms from January to February, followed by peach blossoms from February to April, lotuses in summer and osmanthus in autumn. West Lake is especially beautiful during the lotus season as these flowers grow on the surface of the lake.

At the site named 'Breeze-ruffled Lotuses at the Winding Garden' (Qu yuan feng he 曲苑风荷), visitors taking the small boat rides can sail up close to marvel at their beauty. This site also used to be a place where barley wine was produced for the noble family during the Southern Song Dynasty. Hence, a taste of wine, a ride through the winding channels and the sight of lovely lotuses will have visitors intoxicated by tranquility and beauty.

Visitors on the boat will also pass by a cluster of villas known as the West Lake State Guest Houses, which host top foreign or Chinese government officials during their stay in Hangzhou. West Lake also prides itself for its clean and clear waters that contributed to a thriving fauna and flora.

At the center of the lake are three islets accessible only by boats. These three man-made islets were made by piling up the silt taken from the lake during dredging projects over the years. One of them is open to the public where there are gardens and three stone pagodas two meters tall. The other two have been closed as the grounds are unstable and has since then have become a wildlife sanctuary. Entrance fee to the islet is 20 yuan.

Boat rides


1. Hubin No. 2 Park & Hubin No. 5 Park, Gaily-painted large boat: 70 yuan each (including the ticket to Three Pools Mirroring the Moon)

2. Hubin No. 1 Park, Children's Palace, Zhongshan Park, Hangzhou Restaurant, Yue Fei's Tomb, Flower Harbor and Qianwang Temple, Leisure boat: 55 yuan each (including the entrance to Three Pools Mirroring the Moon)

3. Self-paddled boat at Hubin No. 6 Park with 5 seats: 30 yuan an hour, charges no less than one hour.

4. Self-drive boat at Broken Bridge with 4 seats: 20 yuan for 30 minutes; Self-drive boat with 6 seats: 25 yuan for 30 minutes.

5. Self-paddled boat with 6 seats: 150 yuan an hour, charges no less than one hour.

Photo by Wang Hua

Contact for boats on West Lake

1. Boating ticket office at the dock of Hubin No. 1 Park
Telephone: 0571-87035619

2. Boating ticket office at the dock of Hubin No. 2 Park
Telephone: 0571-87063514
Fax: 0571-87022687

3. Boating ticket office at the dock of Hubin No. 5 Park
Telephone: 0571-87028153

4. Boating ticket office at the dock of Children's Palace
Telephone: 0571-87068226

5. Boating ticket office at the dock of Zhongshan Park
Telephone: 0571-87967598 (also fax no.)

6. Boating ticket office at the dock of Yuefei's Temple
Telephone: 0571-87967736

7. Boating ticket office at the dock of Hangzhou Restaurant
Telephone: 0571-87978187
Fax: 0571-87979066

8. Boating ticket office at the dock of Flower Harbor Park
Telephone: 0571-87986472

9. Boating ticket office at the dock of Qianwang Temple
Telephone: 0571-87068224

10. Boating ticket office at the dock of Hubin No. 6 Park
Telephone: 0571-87026538

11. Boating ticket office at the dock of Broken Bridge
Telephone: 0571-87967737

12. Telephone number of self-paddled boat administration: 0571-87970228, 0571-87963538
Address: 9 Longjing Road, Hangzhou

Photo by Jin Yan


On foot or bicycle

Visitors can choose to access the smaller areas of West Lake on foot instead of taking a boat ride, or simply rent a bicycle to enjoy a personal leisure tour. Normally, a journey along the inner circle of West Lake would cover classic scenic spots such as "Broken Bridge" (Duanqiao 断桥) or Leifeng Pagoda scenic spot known as Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow (Leifengxizhao 雷锋西照). This journey covers Baidi, Sudi, Hupao Road, Nanshan Road, Hubin road and Beishan Road. It is about 11 kilometers and takes around 2 hours on foot.

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