Drama ‘I Love XXX’

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Sep 25, 2017 - Jan 28, 2018
93-353 yuan
Hangzhou Fengchao Theatre, 18 Shengtangqiao Rd,12 Guxin Rd杭州拱墅区沈塘桥路18号、古新路12号, 杭州蜂巢剧场(杭杂小剧场)

“I love XXX” is a Chinese play by theater director and scriptwriter Meng Jinghui. The first of Meng's plays to be published in English, it was translated and directed by Claire Conceison. The cast is comprised of five men and three women. In the play, Meng Jinghui uses repetition and alliteration to talk about historical events in a nostalgic and personal way. The majority of sentences in his play start with the words "I love…" It premiered in Beijing on December, 26, 1994 at the China Acrobat Troupe. In June 2013, almost 20 years later, Meng Jinghui brought “I love XXX” back to the stage using a new set of actors and two thirds of the original play. He updated it to reflect current events and added more personal experiences and puns.

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