5 events found under Mar 5, 2018

Exhibition on Tibetan Art

Jan 12 - Apr 15 | Zhejiang Provincial Museum | 30 yuan

Altogether 117 pieces (sets) of collections from Tibetan Museum, Potala Palace, Norbulinka as well as other Tibetan cultural institutions are displayed in the exhibition. Dating...

Exhibition on Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Ethnic Nationality

Feb 2 - Apr 8 | Zhejiang Provincial Museum Wulin Branch | Free

Genghis Khan (AD 1162 -1227) was the Great Khan and the founder of Mongol Empire. Under his guidance, the Mongolian created a unique and splendid culture by learning from both C...

Exhibition on Buddhist Sculptures in the Tang Dynasty

Dec 15 - Mar 9 | Zhejiang Provincial Museum | Free

Chinese Buddhism has shaped Chinese culture in a wide variety of areas including art, politics, literature, philosophy, medicine, and material culture. The Tang Dynasty (618&mda...

Exhibition of Small-size Printmakings and Watercolors in Celebration of the Spring Festival

Feb 1 - Mar 18 | Zhejiang Art Museum | Free

The exhibition is held to celebrate the Spring Festival, which is a most important traditional event in China. The Spring Festival falls on the first day of the first lunar mont...

Exhibition: Neighborhood Earth

Jan 20 - Apr 8 | L7 Longhu Binjiang Tianjie Shopping Mall | 60/98 yuan

The Exhibition shows the journey how people explore the solar system. The cutting-edge aerospace equipment and the most ...