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Drama ‘The Good Person of Sichuan’

Feb 8 - Feb 13 | Hangzhou Fengchao Theatre | 95-361yuan

The good person of Sichuan is kind to three homeless strangers, taking them in when no one else would despite her own poverty. After the strangers reveal themselves to be g...

Visual art exhibition of Chen Man

Feb 5 | Guoda City Plaza | 69-79 yuan

Chen Man is a Chinese visual artist. Her medium includes photography, graphic design, cinematography, and digital art. She also produces covers for fash...

Exhibition on Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Ethnic Nationality

Feb 2 - Apr 8 | Zhejiang Provincial Museum Wulin Branch | Free

Genghis Khan (AD 1162 -1227) was the Great Khan and the founder of Mongol Empire. Under his guidance, the Mongolian created a unique and splendid culture by learning from both C...

Yue Opera: Five Daughters Offering Felicitation

Feb 22 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 80~280 yuan

This opera discusses the theme of “filial piety and wealth.” In the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), there was an upright and loyal official named Yang Jikang. He had five d...