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Chamber Music Concert by I Musici

May 26 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 88-880 yuan

Founded in 1951, Rome, I Musici is one of the oldest active chamber music groups in Italy. They made their first record with Vivaldi’s “Four Season” which beca...

Drama ‘Baobab’

May 28 | Zhejiang Culture Center Theater | 180-280 yuan

Baobab, based on an African legend, was a big success at the Lincoln Center, New York City. With the help of artists from Mali and Senegal, the show impresses the audience with ...

Wiener Johann Strauss Walzer Orchestra

May 26 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 100-580 yuan

Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra from Vienna, Austria, will perform in Hangzhou in next Month on its world tour. Its members come from leading Austrian orchestras, such as the Vi...

Drama ‘Teddy Bears Love Adventure’

May 28 | Trojan House | 180-600 yuan

This is Wonteddy’s first authorized children’s play. Using multimedia, the play tells about the adventure of a Teddy family of four and how they work together to fin...

Concert of Yoga

May 21 | Dragon Stadium | 180-980 yuan

Since he left the military in Taiwan two years ago, Yoga Lin has released new songs and won many fans across the Taiwan Straits. Last year, he went on the Great Yoga World Tour ...