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Concert ‘Fancy April’ by Maximilian and the Band

Apr 28 | Zhejiang Shengli Theater | 180 – 380 yuan

Maximilian Hecker, a German musician in Berlin known for his ethereal pop and dream pop music, released his eighth album “Spellbound Scenes of My Cure” in 2015 in co...

Concert ‘The Top Trumpeter’

Apr 29 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 80 – 280 yuan

The Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra will collaborate with German conductor Claus Peter Flor and German trumpet player Matthias Höfs in the concert. They will interpret Beet...

Zomboy’s Hangzhou Concert

Apr 27 | SOS | 120-220 yuan

Joshua Mellody, better known as Zomboy, is an English electronic music producer and DJ. He made his debut in 2011 with the track "Organ Donor", which was released on N...

Drama ‘Love over Chang’an’

Apr 28 | Trojan House | 120-280 yuan

Performed by the famous Radio China broadcaster, Yang Chen, “Love over Chang’an” is his solo poetic drama based on a 15,000-word poem written by Ding Taisheng....

African drum and dance workshop

Apr 26 | Trojan House | 200-540 yuan

“All in One” is an experimental exploration of the connection between art media and humans. Artist-performer Erick Kuasi will teach people African drum and dance in ...