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Exhibition on Tibetan Art

Jan 12 - Apr 15 | Zhejiang Provincial Museum | 30 yuan

Altogether 117 pieces (sets) of collections from Tibetan Museum, Potala Palace, Norbulinka as well as other Tibetan cultural institutions are displayed in the exhibition. Dating...

Keren Ann 2018 China Tour

Apr 22 | Hangzhou Theater | 180-680 yuan

Keren Ann Zeidel known professionally as Keren Ann, is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and engineer based largely in Paris, Tel Aviv, and New York City. She plays the ...

French Original Musical ‘Romeo & Juliette’

Apr 27 - Apr 29 | Hangzhou Theater | 180-1,080 yuan

French Original Musical “Romeo & Juliette”will be staged in Hangzhou Theatre from April 27 to 29.

Upon its premiere in Paris in 2001, “Romeo & ...

Kousuke Atari 2018 Tour

Sep 25 | Hangzhou Theater | 180-680 yuan

Kousuke Atari (born on 13 July 1980) is a Japanese pop singer. He is a self-trained musician, and performs in the shimauta (island-song) style of his hometown. While his style o...

Concept Theatre Show: Apologue 2047

Mar 10 - Mar 11 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 180~1,280 yuan

As the latest concept theatre show directed by Zhang Yimou, the show breaks through the traditional stage performances while combining Chinese folk arts with international high-...

Exhibition on Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Ethnic Nationality

Feb 2 - Apr 8 | Zhejiang Provincial Museum Wulin Branch | Free

Genghis Khan (AD 1162 -1227) was the Great Khan and the founder of Mongol Empire. Under his guidance, the Mongolian created a unique and splendid culture by learning from both C...

The Singing Life of Birds

Dec 1 - Mar 4 | Zhejiang Museum of Natural History | 10 yuan

Tired of the endless noises created by hasty cars and busy working people in the modern city? Thirsty for a serene melody from nature? Come and visit the “Singing Life of ...