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Clown Show from Europe

Aug 13 | Red Star Theater | 80-480 yuan

Famous clown performers from Russia, Ukraine, German, Belarus and Uzbekistan will entertain Chinese audiences in Hangzhou next month. Some of them are winners of international c...

Salvador Dali on Exhibit

Aug 15 - Sep 15 | Kerry Center | 100-290 yuan

More than 100 print works of Salvador Dali will be exhibited in Hangzhou for the first time. They belong to a renowned Swiss collector and will be shown in three series named &l...

Komorni Duo

Sep 7 | Hangzhou Theater | 50-300 yuan

Czech violinist Pavel Burdych and Slovak pianist Zuzana Beresova formed their band in 2004 and released their first album in 2012. The duo has been invited to perform at music f...

Animenz Live

Sep 9 | Hangzhou Theater | 120 - 680 yuan

German pianist Animenz has over 900,000 fans on YouTube and 1.19 million fans on Facebook. He recomposed more than 100 piano works for animation films. He held his first piano c...

Concert of Piano Duet

Sep 13 | Hangzhou Theater | 50-300 yuan

Famous pianists Julija Botchkovskaia and Mariya Yankova will hold a concert in Hangzhou, presenting classic works of Mozart, Rachmaninoff and Brahms. The duo has won many intern...

Drama ‘Sister Act’

Sep 20 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 280-980 yuan

Adapted from a namesake Hollywood movie, “Sister Act” has been performed in London for 18 months since its debut and has toured France, Germany, the Netherlands, Jap...

One-Man Show: ‘Revel’s World of Shakespeare’

Sep 23 | Zhejiang Cultural Center Theater | 120-360 yuan

The 6-year-old Graves enrolls in a boy’s school and meets Revel, the witty but alcoholic headmaster who introduces first-year students to Shakespeare. Gradually, Graves is...

Coco Lee’s Concert

Sep 23 | Dragon Stadium | 380 – 1,580 yuan

Famous pop singer Coco Lee will entertain her Hangzhou fans with classic love songs and dances. The Hong Kong-born American singer is on her 18th world tour.

3D Drama ‘The Three-Body Problem’

Oct 13 - Oct 15 | Hangzhou Theater | 180-880 yuan

A nanomaterials expert sees a mysterious countdown superimposed in his field of vision and finds himself under military investigation. To unravel the mystery, he enters the VR g...

Dance ‘Rice’

Oct 27 | Hangzhou Grand Theater | 180-1,080 yuan

The Cloud Gate Dance Theatre from Taiwan will perform “Rice”, a dance about death and rebirth with a combination of Chinese and Western elements in choreography. Lin...